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Best Housekeeper Ever!!!

By: TKMommy | November 28, 2013

I've tried a few agencies in town, but Clean Machine is the best! When my baby was born, I was overwhelmed, so they sent Heather over on short notice even though I was not scheduled. She is a whirlwind, and made every minute count! I feel I got more than my money's worth, and would recommend Clean Machine to anybody!


By: DanieJ | December 6, 2012

I went through the reviews and was very shocked the owner was responding so rudely to peoples complaints.
Working in any service industry when a customer is unhappy you should be apologetic (even if you are not at fault) and find some way to keep that customer happy.
Honestly after reading the responses I see that the "owner" seems to be argumentative and lacks personal skills.
Plus it does seem rather than just specifically addressing that there is some catty finger pointing.
I was looking at this business for my mother's use. I have now advised her against it.

Molly Maid

Victoria, BC

category: Maids - Service providers


By: Jelco | July 26, 2012

Reading these reviews, I wonder about the authors. I work for the company, and have dealt with people who are rude, and complain, while I am doing my darndest. I have worked on move outs where EVERYTHING was done to the customers satisfaction, and they did not pay. In fact she stated if we did not remove windows, she would not pay, so we did as asked, quoted her the hours we spent, and she would not pay. I worked a house where the floors were so bad we scrubbed them for two hours, with a scrub brush, to get the YEARS of grime off, and she complained. She also did not fully pay the bill, even though we spent longer then allotted. I use full strength cleaners, and when I am done, I can see a difference. I'm sorry most of these reviews are negative, but also have to address the new employee issue. A lot of our ladies try it for a little while, and decide it is not for them. We do make every effort to right every wrong, but when people are abrasive on the phone, it tends to get our backs up.

House cleaning

By: non-member | May 8, 2012

NEVER EVER AGAIN! HORRIBLE and DISGUSTING! This is the WORST service ever we've received from a cleaning agency. I'd rate it with negative mark if it was possible. We've had an experience with 4 other agencies and always were satisfied with their job. We bought 2 vouchers for 3HR cleaning and decided to give the second chance just because thought the first cleaning lady was an exception. But the second time another lady was as bad as previous.
We have to keep our apartment clean all the time because of our crawling baby, so we do wet cleaning at least twice per week and don’t leave much work for cleaning ladies. Still we need the floors to be cleaned properly, what means usage of vacuum or broom. But instead of that the lady used a mop with the cloth for dusting surfaces to dust the floor – the same cloth for the whole apartment without washing it even once. She moved the mop back and forth without collecting any dust, just smearing it around.
The lady...


Terrible, terrible, terrible experience.

By: ohsee3 | December 30, 2011

Completely missed my appointment! Not once….. but TWICE!
I contacted Desperate Housemaids to schedule an appointment after purchasing a Groupon. It took a few days to get in touch with someone, but I finally reached someone. The woman who answered seemed nice but you could tell she was busy. They seem to be a small operation with perhaps too many bookings. She said “We may not be able to fit you in until the New Year” (because there are so many appointments.) She went on to advise me that their method of booking appointments was fairly unorganized and could result in an appointment having to be rescheduled. After a few minutes she found something and told me that there actually was an opening before Christmas! I was happy and we booked the appointment for December 23rd at 2:00PM. However, she PROMISED she would contact me in advance to let me know if mine would be rescheduled. This way I could re-book the day I took off of work if needed.... She said “If I don’t call...


Peace of mind

By: non-member | August 17, 2011

There is no better peace of mind than knowing your home will be thoroughly and attentively cleaned by Just Clean It. I have used Just Clean It many times and have always received a superb cleaning job. Andrew excellently cleans my home top to bottom - from the cobwebs in the corners to the dust under the couch - every surface is cleaned and tidied. JCI is efficient and I always feel I get tremendous value for my money. I have used several other cleaning services in the past and none compare to the the top-notch job this company does time and time again. JCI gives you a clean home and the time to enjoy it hassle-free.
I rate Andrew's job and JCI 10/10 for fulfilling my cleaning needs.

Fussy Budgets is now Tower...

By: roarwoman | April 13, 2011

Note to the wise, this company is now called Tower Residential Cleaning. As a follow up to my review below, Lisa informed me that she was "very surprised' I was unsatisfied with my cleaning. If she actaully read the email I sent, it wouldn't be that much of a surprise. Took my money and ran. Terrible customer service, no wonder they had to change names, no one was hiring them.