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Great cleaners

By: LisaGail | April 13, 2016

My family has used Custom Maids for three and a half years, and we have always had good cleaners. I recommend this cleaning service to busy families and others who need a professional cleaner.



Dear Ms. McAvoy, Thank you very much for taking time out to review Custom Maids on! We are very grateful and we so appreciate your willingness to tell others about your experience with our company! Thank you so much! Angela and all of us here at CUSTOM MAIDS

Spring clean AMAZING!

By: Superhappy | April 2, 2016

Had a spring clean done (deep clean in every room)! Amazing! Ladies were friendly and professional. Wood floors are so clean and streak-free! Stainless appliances are sparkling! Baseboards and top of door frames all dusted and wiped down! Too many things that were above my expectations. Can't wait to have them back!

How are they still in business???

By: Number12Fan | March 30, 2016

Very likely the WORST excuse for a cleaning slash maid service in all of Alberta. Perhaps anywhere in the country. My wife and I should've believed the reviews that gave this 'company' one or zero stars. But, we like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and judge for ourselves. As others have written about Able Maids (what a misnomer that is!!!), don't ever, ever, ever hire this outfit. And by all means if you're silly enough to leave something - anything - of value lying around, it won't be there when you return home. Guaranteed. As another reviewer wrote a few months ago, they lost something while the Able Maids team was allegedly cleaning. Kerry - the incompetent owner slash manager slash operator of this 'business' - said it was his customer's fault, that they'd misplaced the item. Funny...we had the same thing happen. We, mistakenly, left something of monetary and more importantly sentimental value out while the three...


Edmonton's Best Maid Service

By: supportimaid | January 29, 2016

I was frantically looking for last minute cleaning online and found iMaid. I booked online (amazing) and then when I saw the price, I definitely thought it was too good to be true. When I got home later that day. my house was absolutely perfect. Everything looked great and the pricing is so good I almost don't want to share the secret with anyone else!nnThank you so much for leaving my house spotless, looking forward to another cleaning service


Edmonton, AB

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Mad Maids to the rescue!

By: MaryBerry | January 9, 2016

Excellent service all around! I contacted Mad Maids through their online booking form for a last minute holiday cleaning (full disclosure: I'm a messy person who detests cleaning) before some family from out of town arrived. I got a reply back from them in a few hours to confirm the time for the cleaning. They already won my heart for being able to do it last minute. Then two wonderful cleaners show up and do an immaculate job on cleaning my place. They even did a great job with my dog who typically likes to torment cleaners.

All Around Excellent

By: non-member | December 22, 2015

I was going away for 12 days and had a busy Airbnb to be managed. Not having any experience using professional cleaners, I did a quick google search to know what to look for and expect. Dhyana Cleaning was also near the top of the results list, which was also a plus. Katie was a pleasure to work with and prompt with all replies. My Airbnb is pretty minimal, and straight forward, but Katie was still eager to listen to my specifics and modus operandi. Although I didn't get to see the fruits of their labour, as I was away, the feedback and comments from my guests were positive and had no complaints!

I am very happy with their service

By: non-member | December 19, 2015

team # 3 Hi I would like to say that aspen-clean is the best. I am very happy with their service. They make your house spotless and smell clean. I have 3 ladies and 1 men cleaning my house. has never been so clean . very friendly Keep up the good work!!!! look forward to the next cleaning !! You guys are so great!!! Vanessa you did amazing job in the kitchen. Tony you are the boss in the Bathrooms it never look so clean and smell wonderful . i would always recommend Team 3 ask for Tony , Vanessa , Alwyn and Vanessa

Brent Z


Toronto, ON

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By: non-member | June 29, 2015

I couldn't be more dissappointed with Ashley Maids. Not only did they leave the floors a complete disaster (and left water from the mop all over the laminate flooring) but they didn't even move things to dust. We had asked for a spring cleaning and were shocked to see the results. After being yelled at by their head office for my complaint 2 of the 3 cleaners came back and I had to ask them to redo the floors and dusting, they finally completed the cleaning to our standards and then charged me an extra 3% for using a credit card to pay (the head office told me I had to use a cc but failed to tell me of the extra charge) the cleaner had already put my payment through at the higher rate even though I had specifically asked if it would be the same price. I will never use this service again!!!

Ashley Maids

Saskatoon, SK

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